Created their own credit card

Offers to obtain a new credit card are not uncommon to receive by mail. This happened to a Russian but he didn’t really do as we others o threw the letter in the trash.

Instead, he chose to scan the letter and then change some things

For example, would have get no credit limit, no fees and even no interest. To make it even better, he also wrote that if the bank broke the rules in the contract, they would be fined about SEK 600,000. If they wanted to break the contract, this would cost them SEK 1,200,000.

He then signed the contract and sent it to the bank, which in turn signed the whole thing and thus he had his credit card. The Russian then used his credit card and the bank did not get very fond of it all when he did not pay any money to them. In doing so, they sued him for SEK 9,000 which he did not pay.

So pretty good conditions if you express yourself mildly

money cash

The interesting thing here is that last week, in fact, a Russian court sentenced in favor of Argarkov, who is called Russian. The judgment simply stated that the bank signed a contract and was thus bound by the terms and conditions of this. However, he had to pay back SEK 3,750, which was the amount he used on the card.

But there is also that writing that the bank would fulfill the conditions for otherwise it would cost them money. So Argarkov has now sued the bank for SEK 4,750,000 for violating the terms. Obviously, the bank has responded by starting a legal process against him for fraud. They hope for a prison sentence of four years.

In September, this case will be brought up in the Russian court so we will see what will happen. He may well be worth some money after this !!!