Part-time Loan

The unemployment rate dropped to 8.8 percent as a result of working in seasonal jobs. Croatia lives off tourism, and season by season. But there are fewer and fewer and this record low level of unemployment is nothing but the consequence of a wave of emigration that has not been letting Our Beautiful in the last few years. Germany and Ireland quickly became home to thousands of young Croats who went belly-eating.

It is not surprising at all because life has come down to mere survival. Wages are stagnant for months, the pension fund is on a steady foot, and costs are rising steadily. Although the government is trying to reduce the VAT rate on basic foodstuffs, the theory is far from practical. Especially for the part-time people who have the most. Croatian employers are not wide-ranging when it comes to part-time work.

They offer their workers a part-time job

They offer their workers a part-time job

Which they can then extend to a minimum of three years, and according to the latest amendments to the Labor Law, not even three years of continuous part-time work are a guarantee that you will get permanent employment.

This particularly affects young people who have just entered the labor market. The employer asks them for experience before being offered a full-time job, but they don’t really have a place to get it because no one is ready to give them a chance. And that leaves behind the devastation of the earth and makes people seek happiness beyond the borders of our beautiful ones.

For banks, a fixed-term loan poses too much risk

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Part-time employees do not have the same lending opportunities as their full-time colleagues. Most banks still do not see part-time employees as potential clients. The bank sees only risk in them. The employer may not renew their contract and thus they are unable to repay their debts.

The chance of this happening indefinitely to employees is not so great that it makes them eligible clients. Many do not even dare to seek a part-time loan because they are not sure if they will have a job next month.

Part of the banks that nevertheless ventured into issuing loans and fixed-term loans are still doing so under strictly defined and limited conditions. Specifically, the application for a fixed-term loan can only be submitted by those who have been employed for a minimum period of one year by the same company.

Given that the number of such people is extremely small, a good portion of them turn to their loved ones, the employer themselves or the credit houses for help. They do not even think that they are officially seeking a fixed-term loan .

Credit houses offer an online fixed-term loan

Credit houses have been on the Croatian market for longer and their popularity is growing every day, primarily because they have no restrictions on the type of employment involved. They issue loans and loans, whether you are part-time or part-time. The only important thing is that the client has a regular income and regularly settles his debts.

Customers can thus request a fixed-term loan online. Without going to the branch, the client can apply for a loan, and all they have to do is attach a contract that is removed from the website and a copy of their ID and current account cards. In the case of larger amounts, payrolls should also be added.